It's our people that make the difference.

With more than 75 facilities and offices in six cities across five states, American Regional Medical offers both clinical and non-clinical career opportunities in a wide variety of settings. From nursing to nutrition, from medical records to medical transport, from home health to allied health, and from coast to coast — ARM employs more than 10,000 dedicated individuals, all working toward a single, shared mission: making miracles happen.

Because in delivering the highest quality healthcare available, we do indeed create miracles.

In each and every one of our hospitals, outpatient offices, and support services offices, we strive to promote quality healthcare through cutting-edge technologies in world-class facilities. Our values, however, remain steadfastly old-fashioned.

Caring. Compassion. Comfort. Support. Knowledge. Skills. Excellence. All these matter.

And that’s why we need you. Because our work — our life — depends on talented, dedicated teams of extraordinary people. For every patient. Every day.

Also here at ARM, we have tremendous respect for the skills, knowledge, and values our nation’s veterans bring to the workplace. We offer unique programs for skills matching, on-boarding, and mentoring of new employees. If you are a current or former member of the US military, make certain you include the relevant information when completing your ARM online application.

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We surveyed our employees, and here’s what they tell us about why they love being a part of the ARM family.



ARM employees enjoy a well-earned reputation for unparalleled excellence in clinical skills and knowledge, in every single position of every single facility. Your job is made immeasurably easier when you can trust that every member of your team is exceptional at what they do.


With more than 75 facilities across six cities in five states, ARM offers an outstanding variety of opportunities, both clinical and non-clinical. Furthermore, as a part of the ARM family of employees you will experience unbeatable support in advancing your career. Which brings us to...


ARM is second to none in offering employees outstanding leadership opportunities, at every level of every department. Our employees value responsible leadership and say that this exceptional level of trust makes all the difference in their ability to be their very best at their jobs.


With more than 10,000 employees across the country, ARM knows the value of strength in numbers. But we are also a market-leading workplace in each community we serve because of our focus on positive relationships. We rank at the top of surveys on both patient and employee satisfaction for a reason: our employees value and trust their co-workers.


At ARM, you have a voice. In fact, we can’t do what we do as well as we do unless every voice — skills, knowledge, experience, ideas, vision — is valued.

"When you do this every day, the extraordinary becomes, well, everyday. I love it that excellence is routine here." Lola B., ARM Facility RN, L&D

Together, we make miracles happen every day.

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